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The future of festival management.

Industry Insights

Millennials and Music Festivals: How the Top Festivals Engage Brands

With an estimated 2.5 billion of them worldwide, millennials make up about a third of the global population. It’s only a matter of years until their generation becomes the largest consumer group ever to roam the earth. Brands want to reach them en masse. That’s where your festival comes in.


But how do you do it right? Millennials are already overexposed to marketing – how do you engage them in a meaningful experience with a brand? Learn about all the best practices, some awesome examples and the key strategies to keep in mind in our newest eBook about millennials and music festivals.

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The 3 Word App That Boosts Festival Safety

What if all you really need to secure festival safety are three words? It’s an overly simplified statement, but that’s what What3words essentially boils down to. Using a simple grid to divide any patch of land into a patchwork 3m x 3m squares, they’ve built a system that is much more in touch with how humans actually think, allowing medical or security teams to identify locations in mere seconds.

Nowadays, festivals are the size of small towns, usually set up in fields with few, if any, landmarks other than  Coca-Cola signs or stages. Finding someone or something can be complex. “The third tree on the left of the stage if you are facing it,” isn’t exactly an apt way of describing a location when you’re briefing a medical team in a hurry. Let’s see how W3W collaborated with Festival Medical Services at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury crowd (more…)

Industry Insights

Discover The Tools Used by the World’s Leading Festival Teams

BeatSwitch - Alda Events

A curated directory of resources & tools to help make festival management a breeze.

Your phone’s ringing, Skype messages are bobbing, company chat’s chirping, calendar reminders are beeping and text messages are going out at break-neck speed. You’re constantly typing, trying to keep an overview of projects and replying to comments on all sorts of tools, all at the same time. Whilst also communicating with artists in 5 different time zones.

Does that sound like you?


With the global rise of professionalizing festival operations, this industry is in dire need of better tools. But what if these tools are already at hand, but you just haven’t found them yet? Considering the tremendous offer of apps on the web, it’s not at all surprising that one would think that the perfect tool just isn’t available.

But they are. That’s why we made you this beautiful toolkit of the best apps around, who can really help festival teams out. Not just a list – no, we’re giving you more than that. We’ll help you set up an entire ecosystem of great apps at low to no cost, so that you can thrive and spend time on what really matters. At the same time, you’re free to pick any separate app and just start using that. It’s all up to you!

Festival management


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52% of Consumer Spending on Music Went to Live Events

The live industry confirms its importance to consumer spending on music, whilst showing a growing importance in the discovery and building of new acts.

According to a recent year-in-review by Nielsen, more than half of what consumers spent on music in 2015, was spent on some form of live event: a live music festival, a dj event, or a live music concert. 12% percent of respondents reported to have discovered artists through live events (whereas magazines only scored 7%).

consumer spending on music



What We Shipped in The Second Half of 2015

Another two quarters of the year have passed, so let’s look at the 8 most important features we shipped!

1. We ‘ ve Changed the Way BeatSwitch Looks

This year our team tripled. With the extra manpower, we came up with solutions for user friendliness, creating better user experiences and workflows. We tackled our interface kit and designed a fresher look for the promoters’ website. When we’re out fixing the hassles of festival management, we want to make sure we’re lookin’ good while we’re doing it!

New User Interface


Industry Insights

PRESS RELEASE: BeatSwitch acquires Buttons for Events and MECANO

During the summer of 2015, Belgian company BeatSwitch made two intellectual property acquisitions: Buttons for Events, and MECANO – Alex Stevens’ impressive digital back office for the Dour Festival.

These acquisitions have allowed BeatSwitch to offer a new accreditation module, crew management perspectives, and a more powerful artist management platform that makes the product a lot more relevant to the live music festival market.

What’s most exciting about this big step for the young company is that it allows them, as the leading force in festival management software, to take an even more progressive approach to the industry. Accreditations management, crew management, and even asset management for medium to big size festivals can finally be offered with the same ease of use the BeatSwitch Artist Management product.

Just little over two years after its launch in 2013, BeatSwitch shows that it is a maturing company, committed to delivering ever more value, transparency and ROI for festival teams.

Buttons for Events

After already successfully supporting festival crews at Feest in het Park, Boomtown (Ghent), and Student Kickoff, this management system offers great perspectives to the broader BeatSwitch platform. The Buttons team will stay involved in all further development, despite the completed acquisition, to ensure consistency and top quality software for crew managers.

Dour Festival

Student Kick Off, Ghent


MECANO – Dour Festival

Over years of being talent buyer and artist manager at Dour Festival, Alex Stevens used his programming skills to develop a back office through which the festival team could streamline communication with partners. Given Dour’s wide variety in acts every year, MECANO can offer BeatSwitch a much deeper artist management product. The company aims to incorporate all of the acquired IP, including all features and tailored workflows. This will open up very exciting new possibilities for the live music market.


Dour FestivalDour Festival


Industry Insights

NEW FEATURES – From talent buying to advancing: the new Event Setup and Timetable Builder

It’s never been easier to create an event and just start booking! Now, entire artist teams, from talent buyer to artist handlers, can use one single platform. Meet our brand new Event Setup and Timetable Builder.

talent buying



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Brand Activations at Festivals As it Should Be 5 Awesome Examples

Getting your festival sponsored isn’t rocket science, if you know how to get it and how to target Millennials at music festivals,you’re halfway there. The hard part, is using that knowledge to come up with an original idea. Have a look at these 5 awesome examples that made us go ‘Ooooooooooh!’.



Events, Festivals, Industry Insights

Festivals and Millennials: the Answer to Generation Why?

With an estimated 2.5 billion of them worldwide, millennials make up about a third of the global population. It’s only a matter of years until their generation has become the largest consumer group in the history of mankind. Brands want to reach them en masse, and where can they be found? Your festival. As a festival you should use this to gain sponsorships.

So without further ado, we present you: Generation Why?



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