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The future of festival management.

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Appmiral and Beatswitch: building the future of festival tech together


The digital platforms of Appmiral and BeatSwitch – two leading products in the world of music festivals – will work better together through a new partnership. While Appmiral makes sure that festival visitors are offered the best possible experience, Our festival management software works behind the scenes to help organise these musical behemoths.

Through this partnership, we’re aiming to integrate both platforms, step by step. This will allow organisers to handle the complete organisation of their festival(s) or event(s) extremely efficiently. And that, of course, benefits both promoters and festival visitors!

More on Appmiral

At Appmiral, they’ve spent the past seven years creating festival apps that bring the magic of the festival grounds to visitors’ mobile phones – the perfect digital sidekick to the festival experience. Each year, they have the privilege to work with a brilliant line-up of festivals, sponsors and partners to reach that goal. Their apps are the best-rated festival apps in the world, both on Android and iOS. They help about 20 festivals worldwide offer their visitors a kick-ass digital experience.

Watch their video here.

More on BeatSwitch

BeatSwitch is market leader in planning software for festivals. Starting in 2013, they’ve supported more than 800 events each year for clients such as EDC, DGTL, and Melt! Lollapalooza. We offer different planning modules that allow for a streamlined experience in organisation and data communication. Our flexibility makes us the preferred platform for festival promoters, artists, and accreditation managers, helping them organise festivals smarter, faster, together.

Watch the Alda Events testimonial here.

Our partnership

In the first version of our integration, we’ll align the artist management and the mobile app’s scheduling functionalities. We’re aiming for seamless synchronisation, eliminating the need for double data input on the festival organiser’s end. We’ll also allow our clients to communicate changes in their planning or operations directly to their festival visitors, through push notifications and interactive content.

In the coming year, we’ll continue joining forces. The teams behind BeatSwitch and Appmiral will put their heads together to reinforce and promote each other’s product offerings. And in the coming months, we’ll be starting some new initiatives together. From sales and marketing strategies to product development and alignment (API, dataflow, analytics,… ) – we have a lot of improvements in mind for 2017’s festival season!

Events, Festivals, Industry Insights, Product, Technology

Why All Festivals Need a Messenger Bot

BeatSwitch - Festival Management Software


We are always looking for new technology and opportunities to innovate the festival industry, but last week, an idea set off at the BeatSwitch office sparked by one of our clients. The client told us that he was struggling to manage his Facebook event page and obtain actionable insights from the data. Another issue was once the Messenger extension was added, messages overflowed, making it hard to keep up.


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The 3 Word App That Boosts Festival Safety

What if all you really need to secure festival safety are three words? It’s an overly simplified statement, but that’s what What3words essentially boils down to. Using a simple grid to divide any patch of land into a patchwork 3m x 3m squares, they’ve built a system that is much more in touch with how humans actually think, allowing medical or security teams to identify locations in mere seconds.

Nowadays, festivals are the size of small towns, usually set up in fields with few, if any, landmarks other than  Coca-Cola signs or stages. Finding someone or something can be complex. “The third tree on the left of the stage if you are facing it,” isn’t exactly an apt way of describing a location when you’re briefing a medical team in a hurry. Let’s see how W3W collaborated with Festival Medical Services at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury crowd (more…)

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52% of Consumer Spending on Music Went to Live Events

The live industry confirms its importance to consumer spending on music, whilst showing a growing importance in the discovery and building of new acts.

According to a recent year-in-review by Nielsen, more than half of what consumers spent on music in 2015, was spent on some form of live event: a live music festival, a dj event, or a live music concert. 12% percent of respondents reported to have discovered artists through live events (whereas magazines only scored 7%).

consumer spending on music


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Brand Activations at Festivals As it Should Be 5 Awesome Examples

Getting your festival sponsored isn’t rocket science, if you know how to get it and how to target Millennials at music festivals,you’re halfway there. The hard part, is using that knowledge to come up with an original idea. Have a look at these 5 awesome examples that made us go ‘Ooooooooooh!’.



Events, Festivals, Industry Insights

Festivals and Millennials: the Answer to Generation Why?

With an estimated 2.5 billion of them worldwide, millennials make up about a third of the global population. It’s only a matter of years until their generation has become the largest consumer group in the history of mankind. Brands want to reach them en masse, and where can they be found? Your festival. As a festival you should use this to gain sponsorships.

So without further ado, we present you: Generation Why?



Festivals, Industry Insights

Festival Sponsorship: How to Do It Right

Newsflash: Brands have begun to understand how important music is to their younger customers, the millennials. They are willing to spend a lot of money to reach this big consumer group of the future and form a strong bond with them. Good news for festival organizers looking for sponsorships.

According to an annual study by analytics firm IEG $1.43 billion were spent on music partnerships in the US alone throughout 2014, a 33% increase of from 2010. A more recent study, conducted by Coachella’s promoter AEG and Momentum Worldwide , proves that the music business is a hot commodity for brands. 93 Percent of the respondents stated that they like brands that sponsor live events, and 8 in 10 admitted that a live music event is the best way to reach them.

Budweiser1 in 3 US festivals in 2014 reported to be sponsored by Anheuser-Busch.


Festivals, Industry Insights

Festival Insurance and 3 Other Necessities to Survive Cancellations

We’ve already covered the other extreme: what to do when your festival is facing a heat wave. Now, at the peak of summer, storms are showing up and wreaking havoc for quite a few festivals. Some of them made it through (more or less), some weren’t up to deal with the damage a storm can do. But what does it really mean when you have to cancel something you’ve worked on all year? 

First, a State of the Union

Pitchfork Music Festival had to evacuate Union Park, Chicago, Amsterdam Live On Stage and Welcome to the Future (Amsterdam too) were cancelled entirely, and in June, Firefly Festival in Delaware had to evacuate during a Kings of Leon headlining set. All dramatic and high-profile examples. For all of these well-known festivals, at least 5 smaller ones have had to cancel as well. (more…)

Artist management, Events, Festivals, Industry Insights

The Art of Artist Handling 3/3: The Experts

The past weeks we covered the what and why of artist handling and gave you some tips and tricks for the best practices. In the last episode of this serie we had a chat with 3 skilled experts.



Bjorn Ielegems, in one of the rare moments he’s behind a desk. (Foto: Poppunt)


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